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Stevie Zita Shares ‘On My Mind’. It’s A Dilemma. But A Good One.

Fruitless in action, just for the attraction, of thoughts in my brain, which pertains. The boundless love and affection, with her reduction, to my every whim, I restrain. Reckless and not so wild, my palpitation to her skin, wrapping at my heart of kin. Institutionalized with cement hardened weight, I just can’t get her off my heart.

There’s always a time when you can’t help but think of that one person. The crush starts slow, and mild. Then it explodes to another level of ‘devotion’, and ‘respect’. It’s the way it is. She makes you feel warm and fuzzy. He makes you feel you’re whole with the world. She makes you feel like the man you wanted to be. He makes you feel like nothing can stop you.

It’s a dilemma.

But a good one.

Listening to STEVIE ZITA’s odd and talented exposition with this single ‘On My Mind’ is what we love at CHF. Simple, direct, but weird. It’s innovation of Zita’s inner thoughts, expressed through the sonic tools near and dear to him.

It’s done right.

Imagine dancing slow to this at a prom?

Oh, we wish we had this for ours. LOL.

Anywho, this lo-fi single is fab, and keep an eye on Stevie.




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