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Sticky Fingers – Loose Ends

Loaded like a space shuttle rocket to the moon, STICKY FINGERS’ single ‘Loose Ends’ end up knocking our senses for a loop. The sneaky good rhythms and sticky hooks, relatively sock our heads with the pop-rock goodness we’re used to from the band. The gang knows a thing or two about selling out tour dates, and making delicious singles like ‘Loose Ends’ is no sweat. And now we mention it, this single belongs in your rotation. Let’s all get a tan.

Lili St Anne – Eveline

Pure and alkaline in presentation, the contrast of colors is subtly represented in small folds of LILI ST ANNE’s vocal attention to her lyrics. Reminiscent of such understated songwriters like Jeff Buckley, Lili combines folk traditions with cavernous meanings to notions of ambiguous relationships and hardships. “Music has been a way for me to talk about my relationships and my identity in a way that I just never felt allowed to,” says Fagan.

HAVVK – Always The Same

Front woman Julie Hawk elaborates, “It’s only in recent years that it’s occurred to me how many of my daily decisions are made with this unconscious effort of weighing up safety and I’ve started to imagine what daily life would be like without a constant sense of caution ready to bubble to the surface”. Being female has gotten better, but the point is that the female is shamed, more often for their biological attributes than not. The gap is narrower than ever, but the point is still tilted towards the male side of the argument. We think in ‘Always The Same’, vigilance is a necessity, and the changing of the zeitgeist is paramount, for a civilization to lead and keep leading in the forefront on the world’s stage. Let’s get to work.

XY&O – Fever

Started as a bedroom project of Tudor Davies, XY&O has become a delectable pop exercise providing aesthetics of chillwave, pop and r&b grooves. The Cardiff UK based project props up the notion that celebration of the little things in life, quickly culminates into patrons of deep loyalty and perpetual love. XY&O brings the kind of sweeping electro-pop decadence we need in our lifetime.

Lydia Evangeline – Down

LYDIA EVANGELINE’s lyrical affection and alliteration is just dramatic to view in our mind’s eye. The complexity of emotions are described in words, but the layers of rapture needs to be dug out from the cracks of reality. Lydia’s rationality and sanity is draped on the insane and irrationality of part of this ridiculous world of ours. Said Lydia: “I wanted the visuals to reflect the metaphoric nature of the lyrics in the song – it’s a song about trying to escape from a bad relationship but always being sucked back in, a feeling I likened to drowning in the lyrics. I also wanted the surrounding scene to be an abandoned party- you’ll see champagne flutes, bunting, flamingo glasses and floats, all things that would trick you into thinking you were part of something good, something fun. But once they’re ruined and abandoned the scene is just left looking pretty sad and eerie.” The new video for her single ‘Down’ is a WTF moment, and it’s glorious.


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