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Stíne Norse Debuts New EP ‘The Whale’. Silently walk through the woods of her heart.

We hadn’t been thoroughly educated by an EP in a long time. What we mean is that the latest by Stíne Norse, ‘The Whale’, hit us on the head and buzzed our skin with minimal folk ambience we hadn’t felt in a while.

Every note & step, taken by Norse is evident and appreciated.

Her vocals, reminiscent of the great Natalie Merchant, soulfully and with honey like golden arcs, help you drift away in a dreamy drape of folk goodness.

Listening to the 4 song EP, we were transported to a wide steppes of the mid-west. The chanting of Norse, soft and drifting, sprinkled in delight with the acoustics and instruments – used the pastel colors of the brush, freeing the cobwebs of the mind, and sensibilities.

It’s a dang good EP, in our opinion.

  • November 9th – is the signature song of the EP, with purposeful synth and digital environment, punctuated by Norse’s descriptive lyrics.
  • Don’t Fall – takes account of the day’s chore in the mind, the heart. Let’s take a deep breath. It’ll be worth it, she tells us.
  • Glittering Gold on Boundary Road – “Will this be worth it, baby?” As he wept over the morning breakfast. “Maybe.” She drove out the driveway, solemnly, quietly.
  • Blue Ridge – is a fluttering butterfly, knowing where to go, but not wanting to take the direct route. Subtle invocations of life’s walls of challenges, accepting them front on. Meet me at the coffee shop. We’ll chat.

One can tell Norse is a poet at heart and she sings just as it should be told – as she’d imagined it, sharing it to her public, sharing it for the benefit of her saneness.

4 songs aren’t enough for her. She needs a bigger canvas and we can’t wait.

We think she has much more to say about the world she inhabits, for sure.





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