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Stoner – Ultra-Lite Midlife Paradise

‘Death and Dying’ is a core philosophical premise to the project named STONER. In its debut single ‘Ultra-Lite Midlife Paradise’, the project weaves elements of indie-rock and blues into delicate surprises of notes, for a predictably unpredictable pallet of neutral colors. Lust for the grim, brightens up the horizon with new possibilities. And STONER, utilizing, David Bowie like anthologies in song, it deals with basic human fears and trepidations to the brim. “’Ultra-Lite Midlife Paradise’ is about returning home and dealing with a parent who was very fearful of death,”says Stoner. The song was written after watching Wilko Johnsonand’s battle with terminal cancer, and delivers in its initial promise and intent.

Tohjo – So Sad

It’s just the way the word drop out of TOHJO’s mouth that is most interesting. The lyrics, intertwined with the trip-hop aesthetics, is a propulsion of emotions unparalleled and hidden from view. The short but succinct aptitude for a designation for a moment in time, ‘So Sad’ treads the line between indie-pop and hiphop. And that’s where TOHJO manages successfully to keep our attention and interest. The rapper/artist/producer changes the whole soundscape of ‘So Sad’ by, in this case, framing in a different speed of lust and desires, wholly anchored in each of the bars. It’s a joy to listen to.

DREUW – When Will You

DREUW is an indie-folk/singer/songwriter from Swindon, England. ‘When Will You’ is a surreal trip down paths of seemingly uncontrollable passions. In one hand you’re bound by the actions of the other, but you know that, within your heart and mind, it is the direct opposite. So, the protagonist will wait. He will wait until the end of days, when his longing for a kind of satisfaction will be felt, nurtured, invested. DREUW’s vocal communication is that perfect conduit in piercing our personal limitations. He is working on his next offering scheduled for 2019.

Primitive Broadcast Service – Pictures of Calvary

Noise-rock extravagance, PRIMITIVE BROADCAST SERVICE, has this single named ‘Pictures Of Calvary’. And the Midwest trio from Milwaukee, rocks it out with progressive timing and dissonant guitar works, to bring the small and nuance, through a blaring solidity of sound. “Political dysfunction, loss, anger..” all copiously drizzled and dabbed onto the single, it breaks your heart of hearts, listening and absorbing, remembering and destroying. The band consists of: .D. Morgan (guitars, words and music), Bryan Dorn (drums), Henry Fordney (bass guitar).

Fil Bo Riva – L’over

Keying up for his debut album release of ‘Beautiful Sadness’, the talented singer/songwriter FIL BO RIVA makes every song count. And with ‘L’over’ that kind of beautiful songwriting continues. With anthemic promises and choral expansions for an encore, ‘L’over’ is endemic in its severity in realism, and its way of counting the methods in which we sometimes discount our selves, so surely. Being short and out of breath with life is: ‘over’. Being uncontested and challenged in this short time on earth is: ‘over’. You and I will continue on, with love in our hearts, but with a better understanding of our needs. Let’s start again.


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