STONY SUGARSKULL ‘Careful’ : Potpourri of enchantments. Tragedy, hope, whispers, and damnations.

Stony Sugarskull

After having finished her PhD on the biophilic healing functions of music in African-American literature in London/New Orleans/Berlin, Dr Monika Demmler started her musical project, Stony Sugarskull in 2015.

In 2020, her debut album, ‘LiONESS’ the project invigorates with a mix of psychedelic, punk rock and krautrock style, mirroring the socio-political background/moods of the 21st century. All while along with the inbuilt music healing frequencies of guitar and drum sounds derived from her philosophical studies, the non-sensicle becomes the reality of tragedy, hope, whispers, and damnations.

You can say a potpourri of enchantments.

That’s what Stony Sugarskull is. And that means she’s more punk than you.



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