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Stop Motion Poetry Shares ‘Missile’. “Going for the gold. One self-realization, at a time.”

‘Missile’ is the first single from STOP MOTION POETRY’s upcoming EP. And it is about “an abrupt wake up call to one’s own serious shortcomings,” stated the band.

The alternative indie-band seems to live and breathe the nostalgic air of the 90’s and early 00’s indie-rock as their strums on their guitars reminisce on the shoulder of bands like Weezer and Travis, Vertical Horizon and Train.

The pop melodies derive from that exact sense of radio play, as the gentle guidance given off by ‘Missile’ relegates the senses to a lull of desperate ambiguities, but in an utter place of contentment.

Clark Beggs (Vocals / Guitar) added: “We’ve intentionally avoided being ‘on-trend’ with the electronic music scene and have always focused on writing songs that have a chance at being timeless.”

Well, ambitions you have we see =D Love it.

We think they bring that kind of attitude into their layers of emotions. As the story telling is the central starting point, the focal identification of STOP MOTION POETRY is sound and immersive. Staying in the indie-rock sub-genre of past electrifying bands, is a way to go.

The band consists of 3 brothers Clark Beggs, Devin Beggs, and Spencer Beggs, with Caleb Hulin adding to the spice.



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