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Story of Luc – Your Lies

STORY OF LUC describes ‘Your Lies’ as: “This song is about seeing things clearly and still not knowing which path to take or what to decide. ‘I don’t mind your lies’ implies that you can see someone for what they are (dishonest, cruel, etc) and still be compelled to be with them. Ultimately it takes the strength to “be a runaway” and do the right thing for yourself even if it’s difficult.” A cruel way of describing reality, but it’s a truth of our nature, none the less. A heart in captivity is a hard nut to crack. And this is where STORY OF LUC’s desire explodes with decadence in ‘Your Lies’. The sumptuous instrumentals are descriptive and bold, with a gentle note to the premise and of the protagonists it adheres to. The broken lies, perpetrated amongst us, is done to ourselves. It starts there. And it can only end there. Sometimes, we just don’t recognize that. ‘Your Lies’ is the 2nd release for the outfit.

simm514 – Arrête la

simm514 describes ‘Arrête la’ as: “A cheesy trip on the Saint Helen’s Island on a hot summer day : Rollocoaster, Cheap beer and ‘’picnic electronique’’ . A bit of dancehall/reggae with a Redskin flavor and a boombap twist.” Don’t you love that?? We do. And we haven’t had such fun for a long time. Touch of reggae is always a summer destination of sorts, and it’s something to dance to throughout the night, at the bungalow. Enough said. simm514 is from Montreal, and you should put them in your rotation.

Approachable Members of Your Local Community – On + On

“There eventually becomes a point in time where you’ve exhausted all the small talk,” exclaimed the band, “you know you’ve got a real connection, but now need to decide whether you want to invest in the relationship, dive in, and make something really great. If you want something real, you need to build the confidence to confront issues in a relationship and talk frankly.” A sage in relationship? You should take it that way, for AMOYLC is quirky for your own good. Lessons in love and its dripping confectionary sweetness is tempered with wise arrays of pop goodness with this band. Silly? Nope. Take this song and its lessons to heart. But still be goofy though.

Joshua Radin – Here, Right Now

JOSHUA RADIN’s newest album is to drop October 4th of this year. And if you feel the kind of nostalgia through the voice and music of Joshua, then you’re not alone. In ‘Here, Right Now’, the title track from the upcoming album, it invokes all of the goodness and innocence of a relationship that should grow bolder and stronger. But as the world tries to crush any and all pillars of that said commitment, it sinks to one knee and doubts its longevity. However, the real love that is beneath the surface reveals itself to be true, and the binding affection survives and now thrives. ‘Here, Right Now’ is a tone of acceptance, recognition, and a promise. It’s a beautiful acoustic ballad, indeed.

Gus Ring – Will I Be Alone For The Rest Of My Life?

GUS RING writes songs with a chip on his shoulders. A look at the world is different from a pair of GR sunglasses. It’s rose tinted, but never long enough to bring the kind of coma to your reality. We’d said of GUS RING: “But then the supple and empathetic picking and vocals of Gus, calms your soul, in parallel to the person you really ARE.” That’s right. A contradiction of personalities eat away at the soul, where GR has a knack of tying it all together for all to experience. Oddity personified. A philosophical exercise, his latest single ‘Will I Be Alone For The Rest Of My Life?’ is a rigorous testament to that chip on his, and our shoulders. The next question could be: “What will you do about it?” Guess we’ll all have to find out, won’t we?


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