STØTS ‘Lost In The System’ : Aggressive and energetic. Classic techno, made for the clear and present.


“The idea behind the track was to create a aggressive and energetic vibe to be played as a warehouse rave banger,” emphasized STØTS. “I tried to create a strong and fast pattern that’s playing a harsh and modular sound to create a dark and industrial sound. The inspiration for the song has came from some fast flashing visuals I saw on Youtube, and I imagined a track like this playing on the top of these visuals”.

STØTS is the techno alias used by Mickey Stots to release tracks with a more dark and industrial atmosphere. The first track of STØTS has been released January 28, 2020. With this alias his focus is to create tracks with a combination of hard hitting kick’s, fast synths and atmospheric elements.

Tracks of STØTS has been released on labels as: Industrial Techno United and Dusk Recording.


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