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Strand of Oaks – Passing Out

“Ranting and raving we headed off to the field, far off, but close by. With you by my side.” Strand of Oaks’ Passing Out is a single from his ‘Hard Love’ offering. A testament to the right circumstances, and the love of a life time.

With the guitar work reminiscent of past The Cure kinda fabulousness. We’re audibly whisked away to that fantasy land, of notes and maybe Alice In Wonderland type varmints – and profoundly entertained.

Wail at the walls closing in, can’t you see it?
The edges can’t be seen, too troubling to sum.
Try as it may, protruding to dusk.
Ambling, trifling, fully resistent.
To the calls of walls, near my horizon.

‘Hard Love’ follows up the ‘Heal’ offering.

“A collection of Tim Showalter’s original recordings for the album Hard Love. Pairing the earliest versions Hard Love tracks with previously-unreleased material (including some songs deemed “too weird” for the official release)..”

We can’t wait to see how ‘Hard Love’ is. The 12 song full album should be a good one.

Strands Of Oaks is rep’ed by Dead Oceans, in Indiana.



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