Strange Flora ‘Animals of the Reef’ : The death and the dying hit them hard. The humanity in the folds of the disaster, inspired.

Strange Flora

Made up of Tyler Graham and Joseph Sant, Strange Flora’s uniquely fragrant title single ‘Animals of the Reef’ surges with a distinct effervescence in the gray. A curtain of mystery, wafts in and out of the window sill of your mind. And with that refreshment of sonic diligence, we wonder and wander into the wilds of our status.

Written during the height of the Covid19 chaos of New York City, the ill and the dying – all desperate for answers and rhythms – came together to exude a collective vicinity of confusion, anger, and strength.

The death and the dying hit Strange Flora hard. The humanity in the folds of the disaster, inspired.

“I fear what happens when we get so buried in the murk of our times that we become lost to cynicism,” said Joseph. “I’ve devoted much of my life to doing social and economic justice work, and many times over the years I’ve had to pause and realize, I was throwing everything I had into fighting off the worst realities, trying to stop them from coming to pass. And the danger with that is, you don’t leave any of yourself left to try to envision where you actually want to go, what you want to create.”

Into the darkness and dark whimsy of the desert, we go. An alternative sighting of internal paths, withered in the sparkles of measured oasis. Rather poignant and deft in the rigor, the bones of sanity breaks, with the hope of a better and stronger attitude.

EP, ‘Animals of the Reef’ is out now.

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