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Strange Foliage Shares ‘Big Mouth’. “You know?!”

Chicago based indie-rock quartet, STRANGE FOLIAGE, is that ‘strange’ that you love to take with you on that trip.

A ride on the 7 train into Queens NY’s Flushing can be much better (and empathetic) when STRANGE FOLIAGE’s single ‘Big Mouth’ is guarding you. Your perceived boredom on the train ride is cascade with shimmers of golden jewels, dripping from the sky. You’re not imagining your plight as the song kicks into gear.

You see the graffiti in the streets as you pass along the metal-on-metal scrapes of the tracks – constantly grating your soul.

You see the future pass by, just as you thought you were just catching up.

And in the windows, those scratched up plastic windows, you see your reflection, and sigh as the elbow of the person next to you get really close to your ribs.

Then you find out you’re hungry.

Some ribs in Flushing would be nice, you thought to yourself.

STRANGE FOLIAGE’s single ‘Big Mouth’ is just a fun commentary on person who loves to gab. But in a larger sense, it’s about the the ‘garbage’ we are surrounded by in this world.

We gotta live with it. Do the best we can.



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