Strange Halos ‘Mistakes Were Made’ : Of motion and chaos and silence.

Strange Halos

Garagey Psychy folky rock-er off the unreleased debut Strange Halos album. Produced Engineered and Mixed by Peter Brownlee in Asheville, NC. A song about attaining a fleeting clarity born out of motion and chaos and silence. About reaching a state of acceptance of confusion, self- doubt, uncertainty and the void.

Set in the mountains and deserts and plains of the Northwestern United States. Images imprinted from past travels and current realities and dreams, reinterpreted into a musical landscape. “We have made one album together so far. All the musicians have played and performed and toured in multiple musical projects in Asheville and beyond. These projects emerge out of a shared community of artists and musicians tucked away in the high mountains of Western North Carolina.”

Matt Townsend, Jack Victor, Zack Kardon, Mike Johnson, Peter Brownlee and Sam Crossland bring Strange Halos to life.


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