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Strange Neighbors // The Frost // KT Tunstall // NONN // Azure Blue

Strange Neighbors – Billie

‘Billie’ is that fun song that you needed after a long day on hump day. As your inhibitions erode during happy hour, your neck and head start to rock out to the vocals of Aiden, and the straight forward, good ol’ USA indie-rock that STRANGE NEIGHBORS presents. Rant away at the loves lost. Rant away at the possible future. But never rant against the rock retribution SN presents. Such refreshing change and constance they provide, right? ‘Billie’ according to the band is a fan fave. We get it, and know whey it is so. Tracey (drums), Dob (bass) and Zach (guitar) round out this fab band. Their 2nd EP ‘Outside/In’ is available now.

The Frost – Keep it Real

Disco, house, funk, dream. We dream of THE FROST. And with ‘Keep It Real’, we think of the goodness of this world. Yes. Love, trips to Coney Island, ice cream, and her – its what’s good with this hectic life we all lead. Once upon a time, there was a princess, and the prince came up and said ‘Hi’. The prince fell deeply in love with the princess, even when she’d not said a thing back. They just knew. And just like that, ‘Keep It Real’ becomes a following of majesty we all seek. It’s out of bounds with sanity, but the single’s rhythmic beauty is packaged in golden sheets of delight that we all shouldn’t pass up the chance at tasting it. We sure haven’t.

KT Tunstall – Hey, Mr Santa!

Starting in March 2019 (Olympia Theatre, Dublin) KT TUNSTALL will be starting her Spring UK tour. And before the new year begins, she brings us a Christmas season single co-written with Christopher Lennertz. You know, a single that sparks the essence of the seasonal greetings and parts wisdom and cheer for us all. And as always, KT’s vocals changes any color in your surrounding, into a brighter scene. It’s her voice, and the vet songstress wishes all of us a beautiful start to a new year. Thanks KT. And if you’re in the UK, maybe swing on over to see her. She’ll be thrilled.

NONN – Home

Like a trailblazer walking towards the wasted desert town, the residents have been waiting for such salvation for ages. The hero with the black hat, stares deftly into the eyes of the folks he’s about to save. The dusty winds, bounce off the palpable atmosphere, as he tell them of a new world beyond. They roar into cheer, as they know they’d been saved from their wretched plight. That’s the story and feel of NONN’s single ‘Home’ is all about for us. The revving drums and gazing guitars, drive new aesthetics for our consumption. Off of the upcoming new album ‘XVII’ (available now), ‘Home’ is the affectionate and melodic addition for our psyches, edged with industrial musical aromas, ‘Home’ continues NONN’s eclectic and triumphant thrust into the scene. Get acquainted.

Azure Blue – Shine On

‘Shine On’ is the first single from the album ‘Images Of You’ dropping early 2019. The prolific AZURE BLUE hasn’t stopped since their prior EP’s release, continuing to tell stories of poignancy. The gentle sweeps of the vocals to the new-wave acclamations of the past-future synths, initiate the little feelings you have left conducting yourself in this hapless world. And those feelings bloom upon the dead sensibilities and relegates


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