Strange Souvenirs ‘Facts’ : That means they can sizzle, as they’d like.

Strange Souvenirs

Two German-Canadian brothers, making alternative-electronic-pop music in Hamburg and Berlin. That is Strange Souvenirs. But not the only thing that makes them sizzle.

“We’ve been working on our debut album for a bit over a year now,” said the siblings. “Also on board, our producer and the driving force behind Berlin’s Famous Gold Watch Studios, Cameron James Laing.”

With a cheeky irreverence, peeking out of the hazlet cove of charming story making, the new-wave like ambience tickles your fancy and then some.

“We’re sonic space travellers orbiting galaxies of genres. Collecting strange souvenirs from different dimensions of pop.”

The duo makes dark electronic sounds, lofi-lullabies satined in repost-punk audio artifacts.

That means they can sizzle, as they’d like.


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