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Strange Weather – Suspending Disbelief

‘Suspending Disbelief’ is the title track of debut full length LP from STRANGE WEATHER. The album is, as the band says, a ‘loose concept’ album about dreams. Sean Brennan is the creative force behind the project. And with care and preparation, the album as it is now took 5 years to complete. Started in 2014, the brunt of the calypso/bossa stylized offering is a whimsical cavalcade of pop drama in song(s). The animal hulas, wave in the mind of your listening habits, and your cocktail of grand dreams, expand in pastel sunshine and grains of white beaches in a far off Universe.

Them Apples – Rev

Andreas Ruden Pettersen is THEM APPLES. “Nine Inch Nails, Ben Folds Five, Faith No More and a lot of 80’s synth wave band…” make up the underlining for inspiration for the Norwegian artist. Andreas emphatically admits that THEM APPLES “makes music that isn’t music”. And to a degree he is right. With a bopping quadriceps flexing dreamscapes of gentle chords, envelope you in a sultry vibe of candor and tinge of reluctance. And when revealing something most personal, that feeling of instability can be of the utmost weight. ‘Rev’ is a fabulously incandescent pop tinged, song that is not, but actually is more than such. A conundrum of sorts, indeed. But it’s a kind of challenge that is never over burdening, nor very mainstream. Mission accomplished. His LP ‘This is Not Music’ is out now.

WeatheredMan and The Noise – Mr Jones Says…

Feeling like the goodness of what a band like Gorillaz would bring, WeatheredMan and The Noise, does their own rock, the way they want to. In ‘Mr Jones Says…’ the repeatable pulp guitar works and riffs makes it reliably decadent. After the drop of their 2017 EP, the follow up single presents a side of the band that is 2 piece rock and all of the above in sound and fun. It’s raw, rockin’, loud, with no apologies. It’s a ride down broadway of your heart as the cafe racer screams through the silence.

YOHIO – Silent Rebellion

In the best tradition of emo driven nu-metal and post-punk ridin’ rock, YOHIO’s latest single ‘Silent Rebellion’ is a technical and thrusting single. Save your biases, as YOHIO’s songs are of the utmost top shelf productions. The crisp clarity of the lyrics are of OST shimmer, as it sneaks up to your front gates with howitzers to destroy all of your notions for theater. ‘Silent Rebellion’ is the 4th single from Swedish visual alt-rock artist YOHIO. Look for the upcoming new album ‘Neon Light Symphony’ soon.

Maple & Beech – The River’s on Fire

Maple & Beech is the music of Minnesota producer Tyler Tholl. “The song calls to my mind our ability as humans to see what we want to see, to maintain the lie that “everything is fine” in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, especially when going along with the flow of the status quo seems to have near-term personal benefits. I am complicit in this, as much as I don’t want to be.“ Mahogony smooth vocals and chorus in ‘The River’s On Fire’ is a love interest for the love that can be. And from our point of view, we want to be in that deliciously decadent sliver of time and then some. Even if it’s not true. Or in reality. The supple ‘harshness’ of the subject, is tightly wound with beautiful construction from the band. The self-titled album will drop September 6th, and we think it’ll be a doozy, as it will explore concepts in “how we dance between lies and truths, isolation and community, despair and hope, anger and love, noise…”


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