Strangely Enough ‘Long Time Coming’ : Passing on to something else and yet still the same person, after all.

Strangely Enough

‘Long Time Coming’ is the third single from Strangely Enough (Greg Olley) and is the first taste of the outfit’s debut EP, which is set to be released in the coming months. The single follows on from earlier releases ‘Change’ and ‘Graceville’.

Said Greg: “‘Long Time Coming’ is about how we define ourselves with a series of snapshots of our lives. A graduation, a wedding, a holiday; this is sometimes how we construct an idea of who we are or used to be. Sometimes though these snapshots hide that we are constantly on the move, passing on to something else and yet still the same person.”

The layers of skanking guitar, funkalicious bass-lines, thumping drum-fills and the myriad of electronic tones work together to emphasize every down and up-beat. Olley’s graciously-sweet vocal tones and erupting cries have room to soar above the vibing beats and electronic-funk, collectively making it a compelling, body moving tune.

Certainly a potpourri of goodness that Greg and his project brings to the table. And with it bring good tidings in manicured excellence and indie-rock affection from this delightful stride.


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