Stranger ‘Feed The Stain’ : “I think I might be feeling cold from cocktail life.”

'Feed the Stain'

‘Feed The Stain,’ the 4th single from Brighton based talent, Stranger. It hits hard from the off with a thudding 909 lo-fi inspired drum groove. Charlie’s spoken word vocal style evokes feelings of a recognizable post-punk narrative weaving through lush synth chords and an almost trance-like melody, on top of a thick cloud of sub-bass.

Lyrically the track fits with the current situation of turmoil, uncertainty, and thinking late into the night. Wondering if this is all there is and if it’s time for a change?

“I think I might be feeling cold from cocktail life.”

Like it or not, Charlie Gray is Stranger. And through it his spoken word stylings clash in that drum/bass tone, that clicks with the most visceral of your inhibitions. After working with various labels Charlie decided to self release music under a new electronic spoken word project, Stranger. His sound comes from a love of electronic music combined with spoken word vocal lead music. The result is an unknown upfront sound merging electronic beats and bass lines with hard vocal messages and lush lo-fi synths.

It’s a chill and dynamically deep lyrical and poetic project.

Understated, Charlie’s where it’s at.


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