Stranger ‘i guess you feel right’ : When the right beat is found. When the right attitude is injected.


“I’ve reached the age now where I am making music for myself and not engineering or changing a piece of music to fit in with whats currently on trend or out there,” indicated Stranger. And in this off the wall sound that is nostalgic, groovin’, and dance inducing, it delivers with an understated punch for triumph and for the beat.

When the right beat is found. When that right amount of words are embedded. When the right attitude is injected. That’s where this project and this single, excels with pride and bodacious charm. From the effervescently nihilistic vocal delivery to the beautifully emblematic Everything But The Girl-like swivel of notes and a deep house carousel of notions, the formula combines to a level of goodness that is both full and fantastically ear-wormy.

Charlie Gray is the man behind Stranger.

We’ll look forward to more from this project.


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