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Strangers on the Internet Share Single ‘Missed Connection’.

Driving across the Verrazano Bridge, I thought of something wild. “What if the world was a big computer program? What if I am only a chess piece made up of small microscopic conduits, putting electricity pulses together for the pleasure of some ‘other’ being?” That was a wild idea.

The ticking of the ‘dot dot dots’ in this war game of humanity, triggers weird and odd things in the minds of some. It includes the highly skilled, or for the ‘not too motivated’. It’s all in the same, however. And nothing can change that.

The tracks made in the mud of life, leaves its mark in a temporary stance – never to be permanent, nor outstanding in uniqueness. The march of time, is congruent to the ‘conduits’ of life. The ‘expanse’ of knowledge is an ‘option’ to take for all individuals.

So, can it all be acquired on time?

Who knows.

Let’s just get off the Verrazano, first.

STRANGERS ON THE INTERNET is an experimental pop duo from NYC and the mix of many sub-facets of pop is easily digestable and accessible. We bet they are a crowd pleaser of a band, especially in a live setting.

‘Missed Connection’ felt like the ticking of a clock, winding down slowly for the final ‘reveal’ and we dig that.



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