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Stray Fossa Shares ‘These Days’. “Shimmer and beat. Jammin’ clarity.”

Charlottesville, VA based band STRAY FOSSA makes it very easy to dig their song ‘These Days’. Shimmery and light, with just enough edge to make it known that things are hurting and there might be some redemption on the way, the single depicts with the right flavor of pop and circumstance.

The 2nd single off of their upcoming release, the song deals with disillusionment and a growing conflict with a sense of a person position of privilege.

Lo-fi, in a hi-fi sensibility, STRAY FOSSA’s ‘These Days’ culminates in a roll of vision and multi-colored trip in self-realization. A 20/20 virtual look into one facet of a feeling, a vibe, a situation for which there are multiple roads to the right decision.

Hard stuff, indeed.

But as mentioned, listen to the violin and the talk of the bass play, the song never lets go and the jamming clarity is a delight.

See them next at The Southern Cafe and Music Hall September 27th.



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