Stray Owls ‘Words’ : Boldly walking on the moon of clarity and nurture.

Stray Owls

Like any fringe act worth following, Stray Owls shouldn’t work. Matthew French and Scott Griffiths plug their acoustic/electrics into the type of pedalboards that usually fuel post-rock or doom-worthy riffs but instead create agitated, perpetually damaged fuzz-folk. Drummer and engineer Jerry Kee, who joined as a full member after 2017’s A Series of Circles, knows which spaces to fill and which to leave.

Indeed, Stray Owls strikes an almost paradoxical balance: warmth in the organic chop of acoustic guitars and consoling drive of Kee’s drumming; anxiety in the gulf where a bass instrument would go, indicating the hollow heart each of us feels as we contemplate the cold truths of life — and the terror of its impermanence.

It’s the way to go, though. As life offers opportunities, like smart lads, the Stray Owls took it all in to make music their own way. A counter balance of contrasts and like, never walking on egg-shells of creativity, but boldly walking on the moon of clarity and nurture.

The 3 headed psych/folk rock band from North Carolina does it like they own it.


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