Street Rat ‘Overland’ : The mix of melodic transience, the single evokes ever more.

Street Rat

Effervescently dark and foreboding, ‘Overland’ by Street Rat, culminates in a swirl of dance and predicaments. A prescient resistance, the single is a jazzy, indie-rock, pop-prog that insists that extra of you, your emotions, and your ever entangled empathy.

“‘Overland’ is about a never-ending journey to find a place to belong,” stated Street Rat. “The song itself is a journey in a way, going through several sections before returning to the main theme. I wanted the whole song to feel like it never quite resolves, like the subject in the song who never finds grounding.”

Excellence in production, highlighted by a talent for the unexpected, ‘Overland’ is a beautiful example for all that is good in emotive engineering.

Tapping on the traditions of artists like Steve Vai, Jeff Buckley, and Joe Satriani, the mix of melodic transience, the single evokes ever more.


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