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STRFKR – Amiee

Playful, a la Nintendo, and utterly fascinating, STRFKR’s (Star Fu*ker) Amiee is dripping with brilliant contrasts, upon colorful contrasts. It’s a fab tune. So fun.

“Take me to the next asteroid, Johnny. It’s there”, she pointed.

It was year 3015, the world did not exist as it did any longer. In the early 21st century, the world was not made of composites, humans were half machine, half biological captives. There was no war, but freedom did not exist either. There was consensus, and community in thinking.

“What are these?” she asked.

“Ants, Marybelle.” he answered.

“They move just like us humans.” she noticed.

“That’s right Marybelle. Humans are instructed to move like ants in a colony. It’s better for the community,” he extended.

“Oh I accidentally killed one,” as she held the crushed body of the ant in her index finger.

“That’s alright. It sacrificed itself, so its comrades could continue and work.”

She looked at the crushed ant and flicked it off of her finger.

We have no idea what Amiee is all about, but we can, tangently, imagine our earth existence going down the ‘half man, half machine’ route.

Well, just a hunch.

This is what Amiee made us think when listening.

Does this tell more about the song? Or more about us, at CHF.

Only the world in year 3015 can ever know.

Kudos STRFKR. Kudos.

And STRFKR is rep’ed by Polyvinyl – a fab label. Check ’em both out!



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