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STRFKR wants to share this flat plastic with you. Vault Vol. 3

Polyvinyl and STRFKR share indeed.
They are proud to share the gorgeous 180-Gram Green vinyl for STRFKR’s latest release, Vault Vol. 3.

Told ya.

Rescued from primary songwriter Josh Hodges’ dying computer, some of these songs were written for STRFKR albums, some were written before (as early as 2007) or in-between, but they all played a role and influenced what has been released under that name.

Never intended for an audience, the Vault series is unguarded, unrestrained and deeply personal, a beautifully unpolished view of what inspiration looks like from inside someone else’s head.

Pre-orders ship Nov. 22. In stores Dec 1.

Oh want CD’s? Well, Polyvinyl will offer the very first 3xCD release available to pre-order, featuring one disc for each of the 3 Vault albums.

So there.


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