Strom Mccallum ‘Darling’ : A delivery of charm and empathy exudes with very easy efforts that calm.

Strom McCallum

The second single from Strom Mccallum from his soon to be released debut album.

From this aspiring singer songwriter and all around “dashing” dandy a very visual and visceral tact on surf rock and pop comes in the order of country-magnitude. Recorded in Charleston SC at Truphonic Studios with master engineer Vlado Meller, it’s a fun vibey song that summons warmer times even when its cold outside.

With the full gamut of slide guitar solo, vocal layers and harmonies, the single comes at you with The Beach Boys delight with an arrangement that is distinctly very Strom.

The self professed “professional revolutionary, democratic socialist, proletarian internationalist, and anti-chauvinist/anti neo-Confederate Southern nationalist”, a delivery of charm and empathy exudes with very easy efforts that calm.

The “makes you smile” factor of this instrumental driven extravaganza is a fabulous addition to the Universe.

Strom is in the house.

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"Darling" has been released! Stream it on Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon Music, Deezer, and all other streaming outlets! At the risk of sounding arrogant, I’ll describe my sound as the first thorough mixture of Country and 60's Psychedelic/Baroque Pop. Also- credits! Darling 4:07 (Strom McCallum) Strom McCallum Music (BMI) Strom McCallum- Lead and background vocals, rhythm electric guitar, electric sitar guitar, rhythm acoustic guitar, acoustic twelve string guitar, percussion, claps and snaps Mel Washington (@melwashington)- Background vocals, rhythm acoustic guitar, piano, harpsichord, mellotron, synths, percussion, claps and snaps Bryan Daste (@bryandaste)- Pedal steel guitar, banjo, and double bass Aaron Firetag (@aaronfiretag)- Mandolin Jim Graddick- Fiddle Whit Wright (@nothingwright)- Dobro Elliott Elsey- Background vocals, claps and snaps Produced by Strom McCallum and Mel Washington Mixed by Bryan Daste Mastered by Vlado Meller (@vladomellermastering) Recorded at Truphonic Recording (@truphonic) in Charleston, South Carolina by engineer Elliott Elsey Cover design by Strom McCallum Cover graphic artwork and illustration by Rachel Sullivan (@rachelsillustration) Strom McCallum Music (#S-002) Distributed by Mono Stereo (@monostereovinyl) and The Orchard (@the_orchard_) #Music #SouthernMusic #Country #CountryMusic #PsychedelicCountry #AltCountry #AlternativeCountry #PsychedelicPop #BaroquePop #SingerSongwriter #LoveSongs #TheSouth #Southern #Dixieland #Dixie #SouthCarolina #SC #SouthCarolinian #SouthCarolinaMusic #SouthCarolinaLowcountry #Lowcountry #SouthernMusician #SouthernWriter #SocialistMusician #SocialistWriter #MusiciansOfInstagram #WritersOfInstagram #Writer #Musician

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