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The Stroppies – Gravity Is Stern

The Stroppies’ Gravity Is Stern, with humor, and seriousness took our wrists and dragged us to a place we haven’t been to in a long while – presenting a song with hypo-undertone message, but at the same time, the song being exactly about what the lyrics represent. Yep. Don’t read too much into it.

But do!

The song’s about gravity. Maybe it’s a slang for something in Australia. Maybe it means nothing. Maybe, just maybe, it’s about the invisible force that governs our universe.

In any case, weirdly and oddly, the song humanizes the “force”, making it a bow-tied middle aged, middle school male teacher – whom, really has it in for the rock band in the back of the class. Mind you, the band members at the back of that class just wants to do their “thing”. The “thing” they want to do is write a song about gravity.

In their heart of hearts, they want to ground ‘gravity’ to where it belongs. The band thinks ‘gravity’ is just too full of itself. They think the bow-tie just doesn’t suit him very well, and makes him look un-approachable.

Approaching the bow-tied middle aged middle school teacher, the band asks him a question: “Can you become invisible?” – referring to what real gravity is all about.

The teacher replied, “I cannot. But I can surely bend reality enough, so that you all will sit back in those class chairs- until the class is over.”

They thought that the teacher was certainly being stern. And they thought a song about this would be fab, and would form a good pun, at the same time.

Yep, all this was made up by us, here at CHF. LOL.

In any case, the song is cool, the band seems cool.

We dig the song, and the band.


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