Stu Larsen ‘Loudest Voice’ : Where the chaos of living can take a pause and reflect.

See Stu do his thang next @ Lucille, Buenos Aires on December 14th.

Stu Larsen

Stu is ‘the now’; and he is also about us, you, and all of us. The combination of the vibes of John Mayer, James Taylor, and Paul Simon, the beautifully sweeps of breezy goodness pours out of Stu’s delight. ‘Loudest Voice’ is the gentleness of being that we know, in our most silent of privacy, where the chaos of living can take a pause and reflect.

“This song was never supposed to be heard by anyone other than myself and the person I wrote it for…” said humbly and affectionately by Stu. “I wrote it on my first night in Argentina back in February to try and explain exactly how I was feeling about the situation. I recorded a little demo of it in the bathroom of the hotel in Buenos Aires and sent it to her.. and then the next day, I sent it to Tim Hart (who would be producing the album) and he said that there was no way in the world that this song would not be on the new album.. I was slowly convinced that he was probably right..”

The world traveler and absorber of cultures through his music and music making, the carpenter of decadent folk sounds delivers in spades in ‘Loudest Voice’. A captivating single with whithering visions and delectable chorus, he asks ‘Can you hear me now? I know I speak so softly.. but I never wanted to be the loudest voice’

Added Stu: “Sometimes I feel like there are so many people/things/events/etc fighting for attention and in this situation I felt that my place was to be more quiet and not be another distracting noise in someone’s life. And I think this kind of how I like to live life in general.. I’m happy to just do my thing and not shout too loudly about things, I never wanted to be the loudest voice.”

These days, Stu Larsen lives out of a suitcase. You might find him somewhere between his native Australia, Spain or Japan, before he picks up and sets off for the next destination. At one point, this sort of wanderlust seemed utterly improbable—if not impossible—to a much younger version of the singer-songwriter growing up on a farm outside the tiny town of Bowenville, Queensland.

See Stu do his thang next @ Lucille, Buenos Aires on December 14th.

The track is from the upcoming album, ‘Marigold’, set for release early 2020.



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