STVN ‘Sugar High’ : “Sweetness comes in collision with real love and experience of paradise.


Steven Alexander Chen (STVN) is an independent artist, producer and songwriter from Philadelphia. He released his first single ‘Heartstrings’ in 2019 which has since amassed over 200,000 streams across platforms. Now with ‘Sugar High’, the sweetness comes in collision with real love and experience of paradise.

Wrote risingmusicartists: “STVN and his pop-ish yet jazzy and soulful style have already been heard by tens of thousands despite his extremely recent arrival to the music scene. Rightfully developing his own future in music somewhere between the genres of the mainstream pop and jazz/lofi music, one name is not enough to pin his style down. What the singer has shown the world so far of his music is the mere tip of his iceberg; there is much to dive into about STVN.”

STVN performed his most recent single ‘Somebody’ with Aubrey Toone on Good Day PA on ABC27, and is quickly generating a following with a fresh and distinguished sound.


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