Subcon ‘Hit The Floor’ : Rhymes drag you out into the streets, 20 degrees below.


Pop punk, rock, alternative, hip hop, metalcore, and electronic come easy with Subcon’s vibe and gumption. Subcon (Brandon Ingram) is a genre-blending solo artist from Nashville, Tennessee. With the latest and the greatest, in the aggression of bass tot he drums, culminate into the drive of Subcon’s vocals.

Rhymes drag you out into the streets, 20 degrees below, and he doesn’t give a f*ck. You’re fried. Like chicken.

“Track 3 from the “My Own Archenemy” EP. This one is a more upbeat, irreverent/goofy party song, which is much different than my usual style (at least as far as lyrical content goes).”

Subcon’s debut EP, and first ever Spotify release, titled ‘My Own Archenemy’ was released one year later in 2019.


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