Suburban Living ‘Glow’ : Will that feeling of passion of imagination and satisfaction return?

Suburban Living

Virginia native Wesley Bunch moved to Philadelphia, joined forces with seasoned musicians Michael Cammarata, Peter Pantina, and Chris Radwanski, and started making beautifully sublime course of tints in sonic shine.

Said Wesley: “Some of my favorite memories of my childhood are laying down in my living room floor picking out cds to listen to out of my mom’s very large CD collection. We had some type of subscription that would send you a stack of random CDs for $2 a month. I had no cell phone, no internet, and no friends. I find myself constantly confused at how I grew up to be a somewhat “highly social” person when my childhood was spent mostly in my room playing guitar and avoiding kids my age.”

“When I wrote “Glow” I wanted to tap into that feeling of being happily lonely,” continued Wesley. “Some of the best moments of my life were when I didn’t own a phone, or felt like I had to interact with anyone. I know technology has made life a million times easier, and the world is a much better place with humanity connected but I still miss those moments. Almost all of my songwriting is based in nostalgia, so moments like these are really special.”

It’s that ‘Glow’ that is now a long gone memory. But in a future far, far away, will that feeling of passion of imagination and satisfaction return?

Suburban Living might want that to be true.

Let’s cross our fingers.


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