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Sufjan Stevens – Wallowa Lake Monster

“I love you, baby doll, but you’ll have to thrive by yourself. Don’t forget me.” Sufjan Stevens’ Wallowa Lake Monster is a near 7 minute assault on the heart’s regrets and longings – finely composed, expressed, and executed.

Do you remember the film ‘Contact’? And in the scene when Jodie Foster’s character Dr. Ellie Arroway, travels through the Alien developed ‘wormhole’ to another galaxy? Then she lands in a simulation that looked like a beach, from a part of her memory?

Then, her long passed father appears to her, through the vail.

And confronts her.

Tell her that, ‘It’s alright’.

She missed him so very much.

She wanted to be with her father again.

She cried – like the child she was when he passed.

She couldn’t help it.

Although she knew that she was in an alien world, she felt safe and warm; her icy heart melted before our eyes.

It’s that longing, it’s that memory of gone loves, it’s that priority in life which made you happy – in a previous chapter of your life.

That feeling is what’s so engrossing about Stevens’ composition here.

We wept (not literally, but in poetic acknowledgement). We reveled. It rekindled many memories and imagination. The song brought back ‘What could have been’ and the ‘What and who we miss the most’ kind of sentiments.

That’s hard to do, most of the time.

Stevens, however, does it in spades.

As we wait for the waters to reside. Her remarkable stoicism and her pride. When the dragon submerged we knew she had died.
-Sufjan Stevens-

It’s just a beautiful song, no matter how it’s diced.

Kudos, Sufjan. Kudos.

He’s rep’ed by Asthmatic Kitty, label out of Lander Wyoming.

His latest album dropped in November, but in December dropped ‘Tonya Harding’. That’s another fabulous piece, we thinks. It’s a treat.



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