Sugar John ‘Strapped to a Rocket’ : Ride the hurdling fuzz of the guitar riffs, and you’re there. There, with Sugar John.

Sugar John

Stated the trio of Sugar John: “This is a song about one’s feeling of clear direction after exiting a negative thought loop: a manic sense of confidence. Eventually, this gives way to a more detached contentedness, a state that arises as fickle sensations fall to the wayside.”

Sugar John is the collaborative effort of multi-instrumentalists Simon Carroll, Patrick Madigan, and Aidan Thaggard. They formed in 2017 and the Boston, MA based band has built its reputation upon its characteristic ebb-and-flow of guitars, synthesizers, and samples, with pop sensibilities the indelible cherry on top.

While the serendipitous freak show of 2017’s An Evening with Our Gracious Host and the dogmatic cinema of 2018’s Dream Machine vs. the People Duster offered the development and exploration of a sound that was equal parts grunge and psychedelic pop, 2020’s self-titled EP sees the Sugar John sound delve deeper into its own enigma, as influences are eschewed for innovation and surreality begins to feel like home. With these three troubadours still only in their early twenties.

Raucous to the limits, and of indelible constitutions – the band ride a high of epic proportions, akin to tsunamis of classic rock and of merchant stimulation. A racket full of sounds, hurdle with reckless abandon, pointed but ever purposeful.

Ride the hurdling fuzz of the guitar riffs, and you’re there. There, with Sugar John.


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