Sugar Soap ‘Like Minds’ : Feelings, drip over the table of life, just as the band intended.

Sugar Soap

There’s something about a production that is of ‘Like Minds’ by Sugar Soap. Wispy, decadent, nostalgic, and of tragedy, the single by the trio (brothers Luke and Jordi Mahler, with Dan Crestani) delivers heaps of emotions, in chaming-ly adolescent reminiscence in bites, while consumed in textured in heaviness only broken hearts can understand.

“’Like Minds’ was initially inspired by a couple of friends having a falling out but generally it’s just about wanting to share the same vision or aspiration as someone in order to reach a goal,” said the band.

Luke takes the reigns and is the lead songwriter and by drawing influence from such acts as Broken Bells, The Jungle Giants and Beck, the outset instigation of feelings and translation of those right feelings, drip over the table of life, just as the band intended.

“We wrote and demo’d the song sitting in front of the computer, that seems to be the go to process for writing at the moment,” added the trio. “We produced the song from the original demo because we felt there was a vibe we could build upon. We layered Jordi’s real drums and other vocals and then Dan added some extra guitar lines and synth ideas. It’s a song we wanted keep a bit mysterious but to open up too.”

A boppy pre-eminence, surge with slow paced delight.

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Our first single ‘Like Minds’ is out June 02

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