Sulkin’ Raven ‘Oxygen’ : A pre-emptive strike of inklings that we all can…

Sulkin' Raven

Don’t know where it can be. Without taking that first step. A step steeped in past baggages, detoxing into a quibble of self-imporance and indifference. “Is it all worth it?” your inner inquiry stated. “Will it be alright, after all?”

“This is my last in a series of singles and the first in a new direction for Sulkin’ Raven,” said Kevin De Nicolo. “It’s a synthwave track that features myself on guitar as a little personal touch. I made a lot of the sounds using a repurposed sound card from an original Nintendo as well as a couple of gameboys. It also features lofi and chiptune influences. You can expect future releases from me to sound more like ‘Oxygen’.”

Love, angst, and the ‘unknown’ over supplied and under-utilized. A pre-emptive strike of inklings that we all – most of the time – don’t know what to do about.

That’s life. Sulkin’ Raven keeps it copacetic.


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