Sumeau ‘Circle Circle’ : Fleeting through the vastness of expression. Crisply displays the sunshine you’d been awaiting.

Sumeau / Photo: Eric Peterson

‘Circle Circle’ is the first release of Sumeau’s upcoming album, ‘This is Not a Dream’ (November 13th). It’s sultry and flowery dance of poetic vibes and intuitions, happily dance across the pond of life.

“Circle Circle is a tribute to friendship, specifically with the womxn in my life who give me hope for the future,” said lead vocalist, Kat Primeau. “When we sit together, listen as one, holding space and marveling at the moon, we are light for one another which cuts through all darkness.”

Kat and Chris Sousa – wife and husband team – delights in the conjuring of new and vibrant scents within their productions.

Added Kat: “The idea of creating a sense of bliss, euphoria, magic in every experience—that weekend session was a reaffirmation of what we’re doing.”

With unadulterated direction from ‘Circle Circle’, a variant of feelings, converge through the vocals and consumption of the instruments. Fleeting through the vastness of expression, Sumeau crisply displays the sunshine you’d been awaiting.


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