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Summer Heart // YIORGOS // Brian Scartocci // JaSena Odell // Smoke Season

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Summer Heart – Touch

SUMMER HEART is love. We melt at the songs, and especially with ‘Touch’. The delicate moves made through the effects and keys, are of the touch your lover makes in the heat of the moment. Electrifying, in silence – you know what she’s saying to you, without a word. You know what he’s saying with just a gentle vicinity of his fingers on your shoulder. ‘Touch’ is a beautiful thing. In 2019, SH will be starting a US tour beginning in February at the Knitting factory. Woozy, r&b, soul – that’s what the Swedish artist has and graciously offers us a taste, every time.

YIORGOS – Sunny Side

YIORGOS’ single ‘Sunny Side’ is the 2nd single off of his upcoming EP. As you delve into the sultry ballad of ‘Sunny Side’, the message of love and incomprehensible loss is direct. A note to his love, the song is lovingly draped in beautiful works of ukulele, heightening the thoughts of happier and intimate times. And as the sun sets on the relationship, ‘Sunny Side’ still keeps a stiff upper lip and prides upon the memories of those ‘happier times’. Not wanting to denigrate the genuine love for each other, YIORGOS’ sincerity is brilliantly recognized. This is where songwriting is at its best. YIORGOS makes it come true with his single.

Brian Scartocci – Just Peachy

Just listen to BIRAN SCARTOCCI’s single ‘Just Peachy’. Close your eyes, and you’ll arrive at the best traditions of mo-town and those golden years. But wait, Brian is here and now. With fantastic aura in his vocals, the fun of his music is inherent. ‘Just Peachy’ is the work of this fabulous entertainer from New Jersey, who now calls Texas his home. This song is the 2nd release but it tells so much about Brian and where he wants to go. As your feet shuffle underneath your work desk, you can’t help but be happy. And sometimes, that’s all that you want. Especially at the crest of the holidays, we need to get into the new year, with a spring in our step and Brian can be that provider. Can’t go wrong with a little NJ with some Austin TX fire.

JaSena Odell – Dont Shoot

R&b/soul artist JaSena Odell is beautiful to listen to. Her vocals just gets to us like, whoa. There’s something about the songstress’ way of singing and the the style of how she recognizes the subject of her singles. Love, justice, progress, stagnation, exploration, victory – ‘Don’t Shoot’ is the sultry emphasis by the politically charged rapture against gun violence. A protest song ‘against gun Violence and police brutality’, the empathetic volleys of low booms and a promise for the better days to come – is palpable.

Smoke Season – Hot Damn

Never a smooth sail, life is the culmination of such a ethereal concept. The ‘bumps in the road’, is the norm and theme music for every individual. Never gets soothing as it should. And in this fun-tastic video from SMOKE SEASON, the duo with the most-est give their personal angst against life, a batter in the ring with some fab wrestling moves. The lesson is to not get bogged down with the ‘ass-kicking’ we sometimes get from life. Accept it when it happens. Then rise bigger, quicker, and stronger next time. We must bide our time. Transition mode, activate! Video features Ryan Nemeth (WWE) and Taya Valkyrie (Lucha Underground). Both pros, and knows a thing or two about ‘life’s bumps’. Oh by the by, Gabrielle Wortman and Jason Rosen were robbed of $7K worth of gear during the summer. This video symbolized something tactile and meaningful, for sure.


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