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Summer Like The Season Shares ‘Wakey’. “Then You Don’t Know What’s Good, Then.”

SUMMER LIKE THE SEASON is a curve ball – a slice, a twist, a contradiction of sorts. And it’s a band that is glorious to our ears. The mountains of evidence, is a circumstantial bulldozer, striking your arteries and looking at you, while you bleed to death. Don’t get us wrong, the ‘contradictions’ and ‘contrasts’ deposed by SLTS is like getting bit by the proverbial cotton mouth, then saying you’re just thirsty for lemonade.

It’s the calm before a storm, and Summer Krinsky is bringing it.

She and her cohorts (Scott Murphy, Tasha Peace, Sam Naples) help her finalize the raw inventiveness of the songstress. The odd and off-balance idiosyncrasies of Krinsky is what’s so attractive. And when her bandmates support her dramatic prevues of her vocal notes – it’s just a beautiful thing to listen to.

No? You disagree?

Then you don’t know what’s good, then.

Just listen to ‘Wakey’. The attitude of constant hard rain on a night of assassinations, by the police state of love – is all around you. You are hand-cuffed and there’s no key. The key to your heart, is through better understanding and knowledge.

SLTS doesn’t promise you this, salvation of sorts. But they do promise you, that you will perish in bliss.

Let her vocals rake your soul.

Let her vocals strip you naked.

Let her bite you to the apple’s core.

Close your eyes.


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