Summer Peaks – Bad Dreams

Summer Peaks’ Bad Dreams comes off to us as a full and complete work. Why do we mentioned this first? They’d mentioned that it was a demo. It’s important to us here at CHF, because this tells us that the band has perfection (to what they want) in mind (like everyone should). But they are humble enough to say that this etherial breeze of a song (which takes us into another dimension), is only a demo. We can’t wait to see what their “complete” works are like.

Of course, we can, because of the Internet and its rich offerings.

Knowing bands like Summer Peaks is always a treat for us. We recognize everyday that starting, sustaining, innovating, with a band is hard. Real hard. It’s a struggle. It’s a test in fortitude.

That’s where passion comes in, don’t it? Passion and love, and “this is the only thing I’m good at / this is the only thing that makes me content” – pushes entrepreneurs to open up stores, shops, and of course develop a band.

We dig that.

And in line with this little rant, we dig Summer Peaks. The idea behind the song Bad Dreams is a solid, and poignant testament – not like the Bible kind, but of a Soul Vibe Soaked In Hurricane Harvey, kind of testament. One can feel it. One an hear it. One can see where the members and their songs want to take us.

We dig that, too.

It’s the band that could. Let’s chug forward with them, in their journey.



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