Summer Salt ‘Palm Tree on Avenue G’ : Love and affection, for loved ones and strangers. Charming video and song for all.

Summer Salt

Visuals from Austin band Summer Salt is a video for ‘Palm Tree on Avenue G’.

Made from compiling the artwork of over 100 fans. Each fan was assigned to a scene, provided frame templates and given full creative control from there. The fans who participated are located all around the world (US, Thailand, Argentina, France, Vietnam, Canada, Brazil, Philippines, Israel, Mexico, Peru to name a few!).

Message from the band to the fans: “Thank you to all of our fans from all over the world who helped make this video possible and contributed your own unique styles! We are forever grateful and thankful to have this moment to share with y’all for the rest of our lives. It has been so beautiful to see the amount of passion from every artist who put their heart into this! Everyone one of y’all helps our band culture stay alive and fun and we wouldn’t be here without y’all! So much love!”

With the pandemic making challenges for most outside activities, the band made an extra and charming dedication to their fans and of the vibe.

Love and affection, for loved ones and strangers, is a focus of Summer Salt’s charming video and song.

The video exudes the reciprocative powers of longing and attention to what matters.

Can’t wait until the world can control this virus, right?


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