Sun-0-Bathers Lays It Down Like Butter on Debut EP ‘Local Warming’.

Sometimes in a long week or long weekend, there’s a need for some punk. Some punk that can kick out that ear wax of yours and take down names to how fast it ran away. And that ‘sometime’ comes with the ‘terms and conditions’ a band like Sun-0-Bathers can bring like a boss.

Yes. Like a boss.

Those SOB’s

Like that sleazy boss, with a heart of gold, extorting that grand from the old lady at the corner store.

The new EP has 7 songs, but could say it has 5 songs. It includes one intro and one ‘outro’. Anywho, that’s not the important part of the story. It’s in the MEAT of the EP.

Listen to it. Feel it. Live it.

Well, maybe not live it. But maybe for the EP-moment?

Anywho, metal elements from 80’s Metallica situation. Counter dependent antagonistic work like one hears on ‘Garage Days’. And heck yea!

Don’t get us wrong. SOB is ALL punk.

Bring in the classic punks, mix in metal, then mix in 90’s rap-punk attitudes: then you have something like these Dutch lads.

We think on the particular EP ‘Sunspray’ sets the pillars for the band. It’s knock-out dramatic, fast, and headbanging-tastic.

They are rep’ed by No Affiliation Records, Melodic Punk Style, Bearded Punk Records, Thousand Islands Records, and Morning Wood Records.

It’s a solid EP, and we think you should check them out.

Buy [HERE]

Band consists of: Jurjen, Redmer, Anne, and Jouke.


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