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SUN Shares ‘Higher Fire’. “The attraction, is real. The music is sumptuous.”

David Fitt

That is Karoline Rose on vocals. She will tear you to shreds, with the howl that can, oddly, caress you and at the same time strip you of your soul. And to be honest, you won’t mind either way.

SUN is a ‘brutal-pop’ duo eager to demonstrate the ‘hard-love’ that can come from the frustrations of elements in life. Relationships, love, hate, ambiguity, suddenness, parsimonious ineptitude – SUN brings it to a steaming boil and there’s nothing you can do about it.

The exciting band consists of Karoline and her band mate and drummer, Vincent Kreyder. The duo met out of chance at a festival where she was performing and they clicked.

So from then on, a new era of ‘dark-effervescence’ and ‘honest-decapitation’ was born.

There’s a shimmer to their music. Amidst all of the gray, Karoline brings successfully a warmth and knowledge to her music that is very, very unique. With pop appeal that rounds the edges, just enough, that we are happy to open that door to peek in and see what ‘carnage’ she has in store for us.

It’s just not ‘metal music’ that you seem to hear from a glance.

It’s just more than that.

‘Higher Fire’ is heavy, gravitating, unrelenting, and never apologetic.

The attraction, is real.

The music is sumptuous.

Look for the France based duo at Petit Bain in Paris, May 24th.



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