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SUN ‘I Killed My Man’ : Anthem of visceral entertainment and eye opening subtleties.

Debut EP ‘Brutal Pop’ is available now.


This song is love. Really is. With eclectic vibes and traditionally, untraditional talents of project founder Karoline Rose at the helm, the brilliant undertones, glow with abandon, while it offers the kind of refreshing sentiments it wields.

The Franco-German outfit returns with the release of debut EP ‘Brutal Pop’ (available now).

Karoline Rose is the driving force that keeps pushing the boundaries of the project at the vibin’ levels. With the project first making an impact on members of the UK’s music industry and gig goers, it impressed at last years The Great Escape Festival in Brighton to the highest degree. Karoline’s charming and captivating theatrical presence combine successfully genres of metal, pop into that nostalgic realm of pop-punk goodness.

The hint of zest and effervescence is within the folds of how Karoline delivers her lyrics in ‘I Killed My Man’. The succulent irony, to the unobtrusively ‘in your face’ gaul, swirl with pride as the thrust of the song is burst into your mind’s eye.

‘I Killed My Man’ is an anthem of visceral entertainment and eye opening subtleties.


See SUN next @ Espace Icare, Issy-les-Moulineaux, France on January 25th, 2020.



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