Sun Kin ‘Moon-Crane’ : Memories of large philosophical innuendo; burst with adoration from a son.

See them next @ The Golden Bull, Oakland California on December 19th.

Sun Kin

Dance away the pain. Medicate with the celestial grandeur of Sun Kin’s ‘Moon-Crane’. Of personal and of Universal – colliding and criss-crossing into angst and regrets and guilt of just not doing even more to be there, supporting.

A ritual of human limitations, the kindness of doing the best as you can, for the loved ones who you adore, is a repeat story that is part of the fabric of our human story.

And ‘Moon-Crane’ is that part of Kabir Kumar (Sun Kin) own story of relationships, in small morsels of memories to the large philosophical innuendos that we consume. The story is about Kabir’s dad (RP) and his relationship with disabled big brother Kiran (whom passed away in July of 2018). For more than six years after the passing of Kabir’s paternal grandfather, RP would fly back and forth across the world to New Delhi to take care of Kiran as his condition worsened. The song describes watching in awe and sadness while RP begs his brother to speak, to try to pull him back as he loses the will to live.

Kabir stated: “I wrote this song about the experience of watching his devotion unfold and hoping I could live up to his example … I love you Dad.”

Sun Kin is the Oakland California based artist who hasn’t settled to offering songs of subjects that aren’t textured with reality. And in his latest 2nd single off their upcoming LP ‘Private Time’, he and the band continue to offer that distinct flavor of absolution and ambition, through his words and notes.

See them next @ The Golden Bull, Oakland California on December 19th.



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