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Sun Kin Shares ‘UBI’. “The Simple Melody You Need”.

The second coming of. What does that mean. Or does it mean anything at all? It’s just a husk of a statement, ain’t it? Not sure. What do you mean? You know, what it really means. What are you going on about? Oh, nothing.

Let’s just watch SUN KIN play ‘UBI’.


“The simple melody you need
Have you tried lucid dreams or CBD?
They’ll show you what you haven’t seen
When big data parts the sea”

The music and lyrics are infectious. And its ‘calling card’ – would make the royal prince proud and save some money on the long distance calls.

Kabir Kumar takes this project of his to a weird and cozy place of purple raindrops, and funk-tastic repertoire, reminiscent of the planets orbiting around the little island we can call Oakland California. And when listening to this single, we feel like that ‘flapjack pancake’ at the edge of that kitchen table, is ALL ours.

That flapjack big-breakfast in the morning has you name all over it.

Just a bit of maple syrup, and fruit. That’s all we’re sayin’

Give it up.




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