Sunday Morning ‘I’m In Love’ : Cast aside the assumptions of what’s unknown.

Look for their upcoming EP titled ‘Consequence Of Love (Side 2)’.

Sunday Morning / Photo: Alexi Johnson

Disasters are prevented when forging forward and looking at it dead in the eye. With fear in your heart, you cast aside the assumptions of what’s unknown, and dive right into the darkness to work. That’s what we feel like when listening to the valiant vibes of Sunday Morning’s ‘I’m In Love’.

Sunday Morning was born on the west coast of Canada in Vancouver, British Columbia and from the point of its conception has navigated the razor’s edge between light and dark to produce music that tears at the open heart of the human experience.

‘I’m In Love’ counters the gentleness expressed in their previous single Breathe and leans into the heavy end of the Sunday Morning musical spectrum. The song deals with the difficult process of reconciling teenage trauma and coming to terms with the anger associated with it.

A fabulous vision of a song that is indicative of the fragile animations that we all are, the brooding consequential rock n’ roll feel riotously caresses you in a distinct and aromatic warmth. With vibes of Franz Ferdinand, the beauty of ‘I’m In Love’ is its honesty and haphazard melancholy that is exuded perfectly in this rockin’ manifestation.

Sunday Morning released their debut self titled album in 2016, and continues its thrust.

The band is: Bruce Wilson (vocals), Stephen Hamm (keyboards), Felix Fung (guitar), Max Sample (bass), Jay Shreib (drums), and Carmen Bruno (vocals).

Look for their upcoming EP titled ‘Consequence Of Love (Side 2)’.



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