SUNDILE Expresses What Can’t Be Expressed Sometimes In Debut Single ‘Late Night Love Songs’.

SUNDILE is the vassel project of singer/songwriter Will Strickson. The London based artist’s debut single ‘Late Night Love Songs’ is the comfort you feel from a warm fleece blanket, where it shields you from the harshness of the world and its extremes. The crooning vocal style of Will’s brings forth un-expected connection with our deeper demons.

He combines successfully Brit-pop extremities, sunken in the guitar soacked melancholic dramatics and 60’s surf-pop indie-rock nihilism. After his demo, the indie label Kaleidoscope quickly signed Will, so he’d get his release ready for the big bad Universe.

And now, here we are. Loving it, like the smile you have when you say goodbye to a productive day.

“It came about when I’d just figured out how to use the drums on GarageBand; I put an organ over the drum part and then my third ever attempt to write lyrics turned into ‘Late Night Love Songs’.”

Kudos. We’ll be looking for more and more.

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