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Sunflower Bean – I Was A Fool

“Delighted to meet you. My name is Frank.” Sunflower Bean’s I Was A Fool is a delectable slide into a new realm – when in love. When you don’t want to be. When you can’t stand it. When you can’t help it.

Driving into the 24 hour grocery chain, Janet wasn’t aware of the forces at work. It was 10pm in the evening and during a slow part of the night. The shop was quiet, with a trickle of patrons.

It was her late night shift. It would be 8 hours until the sun came up again to greet her.

She said hi to her fellow shift co-workers, with a smile, and wave – warm salutations.

“Oh, let’s go take a pee, before my shift starts,” she silently thought to herself.

The shift started, and the light on the register turned on.

“Alright Janet,” exclaimed to herself, in self induced cheering. “It’s time to concentrate and complete my tasks!”

She looked up.

Then there he was.

His first item was a bundle of chicken wings.

A new adventure was about to begin for Janet, and Frank.

Serendipity is a fact of life. Coincidences over lap, touch, and many times seem to effect lives – both in bad and good.

But ‘bad’ and ‘good’ are human interpretations.

In Janet’s case, it was a new chapter – a chapter in that grocery shop, one second content and determined.

The next, anxious and excited – for the pages to be written together with her soul mate.

Ever after.

Sunflower Bean is some kinda wonderful, of a band. Rock-ful, soul-ful, honest, and indie pop. Just a great combo and sensibility to the band’s output.

It’s pop. But definitely rock.

Anywho, this song is fantastic.

Also, the video (watch it on this page) is fab as well. So delectable. Yum.

We guess, take it as it is presented – for how the music is packaged, we appreciate the sincerity very much.

Kudos, Jacob, Julia, Nick. Kudos.

The band is rep’ed by Mom & Pop Records, out of NYC. We features Alice Merton (one of fave, faves) before, as well.

Sunflower Bean officially joined Mom & Pop in November of 2017.

We dig them. And you should too.



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