Sunken ‘Sorry For Everything’ : Dreamily evocative as they are laced with home truths.


“‘Sorry For Everything’ focuses on a feeling of frustration and discomfort experienced through the process of disconnecting from someone romantically,” commented Sunken. “There is a constant emphasis throughout the song which alludes to a fear of the sentence ‘sorry for everything’: almost as an easy cop out/quick escape rather than a sincere and genuine apology. The song is ethereal and delicate to symbolise the vulnerability of letting go as well as the anguish this can cause one’s perspective towards themselves and the other person. Equally it is a collection of words for empowerment, and acceptance for something which is inevitably out of one’s own control.”

‘Sorry For Everything’ appears a potent take on relationship power-dynamics.

Started by siblings Poppy and Finn Billingham, the band was born in two neighboring bedrooms; driven by a need for a peace treaty to end their arguing, more than a vent of creativity. The pair would write songs to soundtrack their adolescent years before eventually coming together to make up, and make music.

Sunken’s sound – recalling elements of soul, trip-hop, indie and electronica – turns all this into songs which are as dreamily evocative as they are laced with home truths.


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