SUNSET CLOAK ‘Don’t You Know’ : Commits with bitter and the sweet, with galactic beauty and assurance.

Sunset Cloak

American Rock band Sunset Cloak return with ‘Don’t You Know’.

“Sometimes the ones you try to please the most appreciate you the least. They don’t even know it. They’re too absorbed in themselves that they’re completely ignorant to the toil they put you through. You give it all, yet you always fall short in their eyes. And enough is finally enough…”

Not much is known about the American hard rock band. Haunted by the mistakes of his past, the band’s lead singer created the group as a way to escape the gossip and negative attention surrounding him. He now chooses to remain completely anonymous, speaking only through his music.

Sunset Cloak’s first project was their three-track EP ‘Celeste’ (March 2020).

Following in the footsteps of rock contemporaries likeBreaking Benjamin, Deftones, and Avenged Sevenfold, Sunset Cloak’s sound falls somewhere between pop and hard rock. Mournful and somber, the band’s debut incorporated elements of melodic rock, pop-punk and classical music to paint a beautifully dark picture of the singer’s mind.

Pop, reduced to dust of hard-rock pangs, the growl of the band’s evisceration, garners all that is to be and of what this style should exude.

Riotous and un-hinged, the balanced acceleration of ‘Don’t You Know’ commits with bitter and the sweet, with galactic beauty and assurance.


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