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Sunset Couriers Share ‘Quartz Heart’. Feel The Contrast. Absorb It.

SUNSET COURIERS is a band from Norwalk, California with the kind of pallet cleansing tunes that we like to indulge upon. “Indulge, you say?” Yes. Indulge. As in songs that make our garage-DIY-shoegaze sensibilities pumped up and ready to absorb.

Close your eyes, and listen.

Listen to the ‘flat’ presentation of the vocals. Listen to the ‘odd’ representation of notes on the guitars. Listen to the ‘cold but warm’ world bending scope of the lyrics.

It’s good sh*t, really.

Go listen to their other recent singles, and you feel that you’re in an Americana-Folk-Rock territory. Of course, the punk-rock aspects of their ‘being’ isn’t too far away, though.

What we’re trying to say is that the contrasts and mix of genres tell us that the gang in this band love making music that just feels good to them.

And THAT is good enough with us.

Kudos guys. Kudos.



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